Extra precautions taken for TPD K9 unit in cold weather

Extra precautions taken for TPD K9 unit in cold weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The extreme cold is especially hard on those who work outside, including the four legged members of the Toledo Police Department.

Toledo Police officer Mickey Mitchell used the snow to run training exercises with his K9 companion Yuma on Thursday.

Yuma doesn't seem to mind the cold temperatures and snow on his paws and belly as he find drugs buried in it, but Officer Mitchell, along with all the officers on the K9 unit have been keeping an extra eye on the dogs to ensure that they're not over exposed to the dangerous temperatures.

"We pay more attention to the dogs' behavior. The ice can wreak havoc on their paws, the ice and the salt combined, so we make sure they are behaving normal. Keep an eye out for them and limit their time in the elements to do whatever it takes to do what is best for the animals," said Brian Twining with the TPD K9 Unit.

It's the cold temperatures mixed with the wind that is most dangerous to TPD's four legged crime fighters.

Officers make sure the dogs have enough time after a call to regulate their temperature, and have a break inside the warm cruiser before their next call for help.

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