Parents claims Rossford junior, senior high schools have heat issues

Parents claims Rossford junior, senior high schools have heat issues

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - Parents of Rossford students complained loudly the heat is not working at either the junior high or high school.

We've gotten a number of calls into our newsroom from parents of Rossford students. They keep telling us the heat isn't working in the Junior High or High school.

At first, multiple sources at the Board of Education said there were no reports at all of any issues with the heat.

A representative at the Junior High said over the phone, "I think some of our parents have over-reacted."

Around the end of the workday, the representative emailed a copy of a letter sent home to parents to WTOL saying they wanted to clear up some misinformation.

The letter says there was a minor leak in a boiler pump at the junior high which is being monitored by district maintenance. It says there were some issues with heat, including with the boiler. However, they indicated that the building was never without heat for extended period of time.

The letter sent to parents states:

Dear JH and HS parents:

The district says that has no current impact on heating ability. But the boiler will be turned off when kids are not in school in order to be fixed.

It was not specified to WTOL when the letter was sent to parents.

One parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said that despite calling the school numerous times herself, they were not admitting to anything.

"From what I understand, half the boilers work. Half don't. So one side of the school is freezing and the other is boiling hot and it's unsafe," the parent said. "It's unsafe, and when you try to contact the school, we get accused of overreacting, and our kids are 'snowflakes,' which is a big one. 'They need to grow up. They're never going to get a job. They're not going to know how to be adults if they can't go to school in the cold.'"

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