Area animal hospital helps to keep stray cats warm this winter

Area animal hospital helps to keep stray cats warm this winter

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - If you are a cat lover, you probably get concerned when you see a stray one out alone in the cold. But thanks to a Toledo-area animal hospital, those cats, have someplace to go and keep warm.

"It just feels really good to know that tonight they're gonna sleep in nice warm places," Sam Perry, who works as an animal transporter for Humane Ohio, said. Perry has made 70 outdoor cat shelters this winter alone.

Building these shelters is a rather simple do-it-yourself project. All you need are a few supplies and a willingness to help.

"As fast as I can build them, they're gone out of Humane Ohio," Perry said. "That's why we're trying to show people how to do this because I cannot keep up with the demand."

Supplies include a tub or bin, Styrofoam, straw and six inch snap couplings, which act as doorways. The Styrofoam will help keep the cats warm. Perry recommends you do not put a blanket inside because that could attract moisture causing the shelter to eventually get cold.

Perry says feel free to put some food and water outside or make a separate shelter for that.

"If you have an outdoor cat that you have and now it's not going to the neighbors or going down the block looking and looking for a place to stay or a warm spot, it's got it right there on your property," Perry explained.

If you plan on doing this project yourself, you want to make sure you include straw rather than hay because hay will attract vermin.

"Humane Ohio recommends you label the cat shelters that way people know what it is and it keeps them from disturbing what's inside," Perry warns.

A complete step by step guide for making these shelters is posted on Humane Ohio's Facebook page. Humane Ohio also has some of the shelter available for purchase.

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