Patrick Hickey's ban not addressed by WLS board members

Patrick Hickey's ban not addressed by WLS board members

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - After meeting for more than an hour in executive session, the Washington Local Schools board of education came out and said they will not be deciding on a particular ban Wednesday night.

That ban is what keeps newly elected board member and former superintendent Patrick Hickey off Washington Local Schools property.

That caused some problems Wednesday. He was not able to attend the organizational meeting to be sworn in with the other two new board members.

Instead, he did this Facebook live, saying the allegations against him have resulted in no charges. He also swore himself in as board member with a notary on that video broadcast.

During the meeting, angry parents sounded off in support of keeping the ban. A tearful woman who said she was friends with the girls accusing Hickey of sexual involvement with minors in another district was in attendance as well.

In the end, the only thing voted on was a motion to hold the upcoming board meetings in January and February at a location off district property so Hickey can attend.

The decision, drawing loud vocal opposition in the meeting, as well as some cheers of supporters.

"Patrick Hickey resigned two years ago claiming to heal the district and now he is essentially threatening that if he is not allowed to come and heal the district he will sue the district. That in itself is just ironic. He has not shown any actions that prove he really wants to heal," said Kathy Mayfield, a concerned citizen.

"Much like folks are unhappy with Donald Trump being in the White House, he was elected appropriately by those who cast a vote under that electoral system. Similarly, 3000 some odd people in this district voted for him," said Thomas Ilstrup, Board President

Ilstrup said because the current ban Hickey agreed to when he resigned, was not voted on tonight, it will remain in place for the time being.

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