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Money Talks News: Here's what's going to happen to stocks housing and oil prices in 2018

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At the beginning of every year, Wall Street makes predictions about the year ahead. But are Wall Street experts really any smarter than the average person, otherwise known as ‘'Main Street?'’  

First category to predict is the stock market.  Investment powerhouse Goldman Sachs recently said the stock market will go up about 7 percent next year from where it is now.  As for Main Street?  They are predicting that it will go up 10 percent in 2018. 

Next: Oil. The Energy Information Administration says oil prices are going to average around $51 a barrel for 2018, down from a recent $58. Main Street seems to think differently, saying that they believe it’s going to go down to about $52 a barrel.

And one final prediction: Housing prices. Zillow's chief economist says home values will increase by 4.1 percent in 2018. Main Street agrees it will go up, but says only 2 percent.

Now, we wait until January in 2019 and see who made the correct predictions, Wall Street or Main Street.

You can receive more information and predictions by going to the Money Talks News website and searching ‘Predictions 2017.’

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