Tips for taking care of your car during cold weather

Tips for taking care of your car during cold weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The bitter cold can take a major toll on your car.  The mechanics in our area are already seeing the impact.

AAA said it's not too late to get your car winterized. They suggest that you check your car battery first because the frigid temperatures could drain it quickly.

It's also important to check your anti-freeze levels, tire pressure and windshield wiper fluids.

Bob Kazmierczak, AAA Automotive Director, also suggests having a safety kit in your car, just in case you get stranded.

"Make sure that you have a blanket or some extra clothing with you maybe even a granola bar in case you are out there for a little while," Kazmierczak said. "Depending on the road conditions and what's happening with your road service provider at the time."

However, Kazmierczak adds that one of the most important items you should keep in your car is a candle and matches to keep you warm if your car does break down.

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