Mayor Kapszukiewicz's first day in office

Mayor Kapszukiewicz's first day in office

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A new era is beginning in the Glass City.

New mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz took office this morning after being sworn in Tuesday, and is already getting to work on his agenda.

Mayor Kapszukiewicz started the day meeting with the building inspection department in hopes of making the process of getting a permit easier.

He then signed his first proclamation honoring the late Harvey Steele.

Different city department heads came up to see Kapszukiewicz on his first day, including Toledo Police chief George Kral.

Kapszukiewicz is again emphasizing that he needs your help to make his time as mayor successful.

He said he may be the mayor, but he is only one person of 300,000, and needs neighbors to get involved to make Toledo the city he thinks it can be.

"The most important thing I can do in the early days is set a tone to try to improve our civic attitude to try to get all of us to understand that this is an exciting time for Toledo. There are a number of positive things happening and, especially in the core of our city, we need to keep those things going," Kapszukiewicz said.

The mayor also said it's important to now expand the downtown success into the neighborhoods.

He says he has met with potential developers for Southwyck Mall.

When asked about the relationship with the county and the jail, Kapszukiewicz says, it is one of his first priorities.

"The relationship over the past year, two years have become so dysfunctional that the only way to solve some of those was for some new faces to be entered in to the equation now that there are new faces on the city side, I am hopeful and I expect that we are going to resolve our difference for the county in a way that makes sense for the city and the county, but ultimately in a way that makes sense for the taxpayers," said the new Mayor.

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