This winter's cold weather explained

This winter's cold weather explained

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The cold we've been feeling isn't just winter, it's historic.

Starting at Christmas and going all the way to New Years Eve, this has been our second coldest stretch of weather to end a year in Toledo history.

Those records go all the way back to near the civil war. Of course we have snow on the ground across all of northwest Ohio, but how about half of the United States?

They have snow on the ground and that's why it's so cold here. When air comes from Canada it doesn't have a chance to warm-up.The snow on the ground acts like a refrigerator. And it hits us with some of the coldest air we've seen in years.

And believe it or not it's about to get colder.

There is actual data showing an actual air parcels trajectory. What that means is later this week our air is going to be coming from the north pole.

Arctic air is set to arrive and it means our coldest air in several years right here in northwest Ohio and southeastern Michigan.

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