TPD recover six guns after shots fired on New Year's Eve

TPD recover six guns after shots fired on New Year's Eve

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo police made a major bust on New Year's Eve after responding to gunfire in central Toledo.

Police say they responded to a call, just minutes before the new year, that lead police to a house on the 1100 block of Fernwood.  Police said a neighbor and the responding Sergeant heard several gunshots.

"He moved to the backyard, where the gunshots were coming from, and observed two men firing AK-47 style weapons in the air," Sergeant Kevan Toney explained.

Firing guns in the air is illegal and puts neighbors in danger.

Toledo police arrested two men, P-Air Jones and Stephan Garrett.  Additionally, they recovered six guns from the home including one stolen firearm and a 50-round magazine.  Police also said they took cocaine and other drugs from the home.  The men now face felony drug and gun charges.

"Every firearm we take out of the hands of someone that would commit a crime with it is a win for us," Sergeant Toney explained.

Police say that 31 guns were confiscated this past weekend.  In 2017, officers were responsible for taking over 1,200 guns off the streets of Toledo.

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