Toledo residents left without heat in subzero temperatures

Toledo residents left without heat in subzero temperatures

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There are buildings full of Toledo residents who have been living without heat for a week and a half due to a broken boiler.

Residents of Miracle Manor apartments have been having to find their own solutions for living arrangements since it is so cold in their homes.

Some residents say that the leasing office promised space heaters to residents, but they haven't received them, even after asking twice.

When WTOL 11 attempted to speak with the leasing office, they declined the opportunity to go on camera and said that they have "people working on it around the clock, but otherwise, no comment.

"As you can see, the, our sliding glass door is completely frozen shut. I've pretty much got to brute strength open it to get it through the ice. All, every single one of our windows in the apartment are frozen shut, and I'm running two giant space heaters just to keep my place heated," explained Mike Jennings, a Miracle Manor resident.

Another resident is due to give birth any day now and cannot bring her newborn back to her own home. Right now she is staying with family and sleeping on an air mattress. At nine and a half months pregnant, that is beyond less than ideal.

She asked to keep her name private, but thinks it is still important to express her troubles.

"I don't want to move in the middle of winter. But if it comes down to it. Right now I'm staying at family's house, but I'm running out of options," said the expectant mother.

She has become ill from the cold, and cannot take any medicine for it due to her pregnancy. She is also now worried about passing her sickness on to her baby.

Columbia Gas said they were not aware there was a problem and that the account is in good standing.

A representative of the utility said, there's all sorts of programs they offer to help with things like this, but they have not been contacted by the landlord.

With a little research you can find that has a review posted stating that isn't the first time that this property has gone for days without heat this frigid time of year.

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