FIRST ALERT: Frigid Cold into the Weekend

FIRST ALERT: Frigid Cold into the Weekend

This stretch of cold weather started on Christmas Day and will reach
its coldest toward the end of this week.  While records are not being
set for each individual day, the length of this cold snap is fatiguing.

Low temperatures will be subzero each day from January 1 through January 6.
The coldest lows will happen on Friday morning and Saturday morning,
as cold as 10 to 15 degrees below zero.

ALERT DAYS for Wednesday through Saturday are in place for the brutal cold
and at times dangerous wind chills.  Sunday and Monday will bring windy
conditions with a chance of a winter storm.

A southerly wind flow Sunday will bring plenty of moisture northward along
with warmer air.  There is a chance of rain across much of Ohio, though it
may remain cold enough across the north half of the state for significant snow.

This storm is one to watch especially if you have travel plans Sunday and Monday.

Please take care and be safe through this week, Robert Shiels WTOL