Toledo Catholic Schools to make individual decisions on school closings

Toledo Catholic Schools to make individual decisions on school closings

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The cold weather falls right in line with many local school district ending their Christmas breaks and for one group of schools in Toledo, it's offers a new problem to solve.

Usually, the director of Catholic Education with the Toledo Catholic Diocese will delay or cancel all Toledo Catholic elementary schools together in line with how Toledo Public Schools reacts to inclement weather.

But TPS doesn't resume classes until next week.

So, the director told the local parish schools that they would make decisions on delays or cancellations as individual schools.

With varying sizes, locations, and transportation needs, each parish school has it's own scenario to weigh against the forecasted sub-zero temperatures.

"For me it's walkers. I have a number of walkers, a number of little legs doing a lot of walking and that is a concern, when it gets to be this extreme cold. And what you or I might be able to walk, a five year old can't necessarily walk that far in this cold," said Sue Richardson, principal of St. Pius X Catholic School.

Each school principal was busy Tuesday, trying to find out how to add their schools individually into school closing lists. But thanks to social media, they also have a variety of ways to contact parents directly as well.

"We have an in-house communication system as well, we have "School Speak", which is wonderful. I can send an email blast to all of our parents and I can also send them an emergency text, telling them to look for Toledo St. Pius X," said Richardson.

So  parents who have trained themselves to look for Toledo Catholic Elementary schools on our school closing news ticker, you will now have to look for each individual parish school listed.

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