Is chocolate going extinct?

Is chocolate going extinct?

(WTOL) - Could one of the best things in the world soon be no more?

Chocolate could be extinct in 40 years, according to Forbes.

Forbes reports that cacao plants, the natural source of chocolate, are in danger due to climate change and fungal disease.

The spread of fungal disease is already affecting cacao plants in their natural habitat of Central America, but scientists fear these diseases could spread to other parts of the world.

Cacao plants need very specific conditions to grow, such as high humidity, abundant rain and nitrogen-rich soil, according to Forbes.

Just two West African countries produce more than half of the world's chocolate, leaving the chocolate supply susceptible to even the smallest climate changes.

It is predicted that a three-degree increase in temperatures, as well as drier conditions, will shrink possible chocolate growing areas.

If you are concerned for the world's chocolate supply, the Natural Resources Defense Council offers these tips on how you can reduce climate change.

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