Things that have happened since the Cleveland Browns won a game

Things that have happened since the Cleveland Browns won a game

CLEVELAND, OH (WTOL) - Another year, another disappointing season for the Cleveland Browns. But this time, it's historically disappointing.

The Browns are now part of a club that no team wants to be in: The 0-16 club. The Browns are just the second team with this membership, although many were surprised they weren't the first. The first team to accomplish this feat was the Detroit Lions in 2008. It's a wound that still cuts deep for Lions fans, a feeling that Browns fans will get to share for years to come.

The last time the Cleveland Browns won a real, regular season football game was Christmas Eve of 2016, when they beat the San Diego Chargers 20-17. That may not sound so long ago until you remember that it's now 2018, albeit the first day. Call it a Christmas miracle, a miracle they couldn't pull off this season. Browns fans will endure another draft where their team gets the first-round pick, watching with hope and fear in their heart. Hope that this will be the guy that can turn their team around, and fear that he will end up just like all the others (remember Johnny Manziel?)

So what can fans in the Dawg Pound do while other fans get to watch their teams in the playoffs? They can read this article about everything that has happened since the Browns last won a game that fateful Christmas Eve:

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th president of the United States. Nobody saw this one coming. His victory was unlike Cleveland's 0-16 season, which wasn't that surprising.

Notable stars Mary Tyler Moore, Chuck Berry, Don Rickles, Hugh Hefner, Adam West, Bill Paxton, Gregg Allman and June Foray passed away, to name a few. Hopefully none of them were Browns fans hoping for one last win before they left the world.

The Houston Astros won the World Series. With Justin Verlander. Verlander still played for the Detroit Tigers when the Browns still remembered how to play football, but he traded the Olde English D in for a championship ring. Cleveland's hopes for a championship were dashed that season when the Yankees upset the Indians in the American League Division Series.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors faced off again in the NBA Championship, but with different results. Yes Cleveland fans, another shot at a championship was dashed since the Browns last championed a football game. Because this time, the Warriors didn't blow a 3-1 lead.

North America experienced a total solar eclipse. This rare phenomenon was almost as rare as a Browns "W".

Dale Earnhardt Jr. decided his time in NASCAR is done, at least as a driver. Earnhardt plans to become a TV commentator in hopes of staying involved in NASCAR, but his racing days are over, ending the Earnhardt era.

Los Angeles gained two NFL teams, while St. Louis and San Diego lost theirs. That's right, both the Rams and the Chargers (the last team the Browns beat) now call sunny California home, probably giving some Browns fans flashbacks of when their team moved from Cleveland to Baltimore in 1995. To be honest, they probably wish that would happen again.

Prince Harry is off the market. Sorry ladies, Harry is now engaged to Meghan Markle and the two are set to marry in May, a couple months before the Browns will report to spring training camp in the hopes of never repeating an 0-16 season again.

And speaking of Johnny Football earlier in the article, what's he doing these days? Manziel hasn't played professional football since 2015, with the Browns releasing him in March of 2016. He is now taking steps to play in the Canadian Football League. Oh, how far they fall.

So Browns fans, it's another rebuilding year for you. Hopefully next season you can at least lay a foundation. Until then, don't be discouraged. You're better at saying, "There's always next year" than any fans in the NFL.

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