Papa Moose's Donuts prepares for grand opening in Rossford

Papa Moose's Donuts prepares for grand opening in Rossford

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - A local brick and mortar shop in Rossford is ready to move on from a soft opening to full operations.

After a bit of a delay from his first estimate, Greg "Papa Moose" Heban launched his soft opening of his doughnut shop the week of Thanksgiving.

For the last few weeks, it has all been a learning experience, as he has had to fine tune the routine of stocking and supplying while also learning the doughnut demands of the town.

"Not knowing the eating habits of the people of Rossford was a challenge for the first two weeks," Papa Moose said. "Making too much, not making enough. But, after a month or so we figured out about how much to make."

Now Papa Moose is ready for a full scale launch, but he will wait until the holiday season has passed.. He says the shop has already gathered a handful of regulars.

And knowing more development is on the way for this stretch of Dixie Highway, Papa Moose is confident there will be even more locally owned businesses popping up.

"I mean, it's something we used to have a long time ago when I was a kid. We had bakeries, and everybody went to the bakery or coffee shops," Papa Moose said. "And we're starting to get people coming in and sitting in here and having some coffee and donuts and having conversations. And usually on the weekends we have more."

Papa Moose's grand opening event will be Saturday January 13 at 10 a.m.

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