'Rock n' Roll Judge' sworn in to Toledo Municipal Court

'Rock n' Roll Judge' sworn in to Toledo Municipal Court

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Nicole Khoury is a Toledo girl at heart. She was born and raised in the South End and still lives there.

So it was only appropriate Judge Khoury took the oath of office for Municipal Court in the lobby of the Stranahan Theater Thursday, surrounded by family, friends, peers and former clients.

As a defense attorney she says she accomplished everything she wanted in her legal career. The next step was to help justice be served.

"I believe we're there to help make society better for everybody so we can stop hurting each other and stop committing crimes so we can have a happier community. That's all we're trying to do is have a safer place for everybody to live," Judge Khoury said.

Away from the bench she'll continue being an advocate for the autistic and lead singer in the local band Arctic Clam.

Because of a heavier workload, the Arctic Clam will have to cut back on gigs. But they will continue to play with Khoury spreading the joy of music to audiences.

But Judge Khoury's real passion will continue to be the fundraising group she founded 'Project I Am.' Every March, thousands pour into Maumee for a daylong music celebration called 'Acoustics for Autism,' a major fundraiser for 'Project I Am.'

Money and scholarships are distributed to families with loved ones living with autism.

"I love people. I love the ability to help people," Judge Khoury said. "I'm a person who likes to see people excel and succeed and if I can use any positive talent I have to help do that that's what makes me happy."

And that's what some at the ceremony say will make her a good judge: Someone with a big heart and compassion for others.

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