Treatment of city roads in the frigid weather

Treatment of city roads in the frigid weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The problem with the existing snow and ice is that it is too cold now to treat.

"Ideally fifteen and above is great for salt. Brine is down to about five. Zero to five degrees," City of Toledo Public Service Manager Dennis Boyle said. "Other additives can be used below that, but when you get this cold for several days and you have a wind coming, and a wind blowing, pretty much nothing is effective."

Residential streets are the focus of snow and ice treatment in cases of extreme emergency like a water main break or fire, when firefighters need assistance making sure the fifty to sixty degree water they use does not freeze to the roads.

Small amounts of snow are supposed to keep coming in over the next week.

Having dustings of snow fall when it is this cold is not so bad because it won't get warm enough to melt to the roads, and will likely blow away on its own.

Despite city workers' lack of ability to make the snow magically vanish, their job does not start.

"Even though it is currently only seven degrees outside, we have crews out there doing leaves," Boyle said. "As a matter of fact, I got a call from a lady earlier this week asking about her leaves and we went out and hit her street this morning and she called to thank us."

If you are having trouble with roads that need attention, the city advises you to tell them. They also say ensure you drive safely when crews are working and you give them enough room for their job.

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