Mayor-elect Kapszukiewicz announces hiring of key members of administrative team

Mayor-elect Kapszukiewicz announces hiring of key members of administrative team

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Mayor-elect Wade Kapszukiewicz announced Thursday the names of those who will join his administration when he takes office January 2, 2018.

"This group of professionals is smart, hard-working, engaged, and includes a blend of new ideas and experience," Kapszukiewicz said. "They are all active members of our community and bring the kind of enthusiasm the city needs. We are all very excited to start work."

Kapszukiewicz also announced he will change he structure of the mayor's office to "allow the office to be nimble, organized, and forward-thinking."

One of the changes is a chief-of-staff operation that includes a chief of staff and two deputies. The three-person committee will oversee day-to-day operations in the city.

"I think that all of my years of experience have served me well, and I am ready for this opportunity and looking forward to serving the citizens of Toledo, especially with this group," Deputy Chief of Staff Karen Poore said.

The group announced by Kapszukiewicz is diverse in age, race and sex. Mayor-elect Kapszukiewicz says this was important to him for when he took office.

"The faces might be a little younger than Toledoans are used to. They might be a little bit more female than Toledoans are used to, but Toledoans want results," Kapszukiewicz explained. "And make no mistake these, women will help us accomplish results, and we will be a better city for it."

"As a mother of a 15-year-old girl, it's so exciting to have her be able to see me and this team and help her to know that it's possible for her some day," Deputy Chief of Staff Abby Arnold said.

"It speaks volumes about our mayor," Executive Assistant Angela Lucas added. "He is passionate about giving young people opportunities. And so this is just a great opportunity for me."

The mayor's office will also hire a legislative director, who will work with city employees and the community to help create policy.

The following is a list of hires Kapszukiewicz has made:

  • Abby Arnold - Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Karen Poore - Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Gretchen DeBacker - Legislative Director
  • Ignazio Messina - Communications Director
  • Angela Lucas - Executive Assistant to the Mayor
  • Michael Beazley - Senior Policy Advisor
  • David Mann - Policy Advisor
  • Dale Emch - Director of Law
  • Ken Fischer - Commissioner of Building Inspection
  • Alan Bannister - Director of Department of Diversity and Inclusion
  • Bonita Bonds - Director of Neighborhoods
  • David Scherting - Director of Information, Communication and Technology
  • Cynthia Geronimo - Commissioner of Utility Administration

In addition, the following directors will stay in their current roles:

  • Paul Rassmusson - Director of Public Service
  • Ed Moore - Director of Public Utilities
  • George Kral - Chief of Police
  • Luis Santiago - Chief of Fire and Rescue

Bill Burkett will remain as acting Director of Economic and Business Development until the administration hires a permanent director.

All the commissioners in the Department of Finance will continue to hold their positions until Kapszukiewicz announced the hiring of a permanent director. That director will then have the power to make decisions on personnel within the department.

Kapszukiewicz also did not announced the hiring of a chief of staff, but his office says they have a candidate in mind. That candidate has not officially accepted the job.

Also among the positions Kapszukiewicz still needs to fill include Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Forestry, Commissioner of Transportation and Commissioner of Fleet and Facilities.

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