Third body found near site of deadly crash that claimed 2 people

Third body found near site of deadly crash that claimed 2 people

JERUSALEM TOWNSHIP, OH (WTOL) - The Ohio State High Patrol, Jerusalem Police and Toledo police are piecing together what happened in a crash Tuesday in Cooley Canal that claimed the lives of three people.

Initially, officers found the bodies of Joshua Cassady, 41, or Kimberly Cassady, 51 Tuesday after their vehicle went off the side of Bono Road and overturned into the canal. Authorities also found a dog inside the car, who survive the crash.

The search for the third victim launched two days later Thursday morning.

Oregon dispatch said they believe the third body may be the brother of one of the Cassady's.

Toledo police say residents in the brother's apartment building called them around 8 a.m. Thursday morning and said they hadn't seen the man in a while. Residents also told police that they saw the man getting into the car with the Cassady's.

TPD immediately notified the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

"They advised it was possible there was another person in the vehicle. They saw them getting in the car that was involved in the crash out here the other day and it was possible he was in the vehicle. They had done some searching through the neighborhood and talking to neighbors and could not locate him," Lt. Shaun Robinson of the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

This information prompted police to do another search at Metzger's Marsh.

"I contacted Jerusalem Township, made them aware of the situation that there was possibly a third person out there. From there, they took over with how to locate them and what they needed to do to safely accomplish that," Lt. Robinson said. "They came out here today and they were able to locate another individual underneath the ice."

OSHP says it took about 30 minutes to find the body. Troopers say the man may have been ejected from the vehicle and had no reason to look for a third body when they were called out for the first crash on Tuesday.

"When the vehicle was fully removed out of the water, law enforcement did a thorough inspection of the vehicle looking for any tell-tales, for instance a woman's purse, or another woman's purse, or something would have been something, or a wallet, how many cell phones are found," Jerusalem Township Fire Chief Tony Parasiliti said. "Those are all indicators that could indicate there was something else."

Troopers say they will no identify the body until the deceased's family has been notified.

The crash remains under investigation.

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