Tips to protect your technology during cold weather

Tips to protect your technology during cold weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - You know how the cold weather can affect your body in the winter, but what about your phone?

Experts say below-freezing temperatures cause a chemical reaction in your phone, slowing down its battery.

This leads to rapid loss of battery power.

Cold weather can hurt all methods of technology, not just your cell phone.

"It's all the batteries that phones in general use, and laptops. One thing I always tell people is to never leave your laptop in your car in freezing weather. You could actually ruin your battery," said Eric Klitch, manger of the Computer Guild.

Experts say you can also hurt your battery if you plug in your phone right when you come inside from the cold.

To save your battery, make sure your phone or whatever piece of technology you are using heats up to room temperature before charging it.

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