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Study suggests kids who eat fish have higher IQ

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Could making your kids smarter be as simple as chowing down?

A new study suggests that could be the case.

Research out of the University of Pennsylvania said feeding your kids fish on a weekly basis could give them a brain power boost.

According to the website Working Mother, researchers studied more than 500 Chinese children, between 9 and 11, asking them how often they ate fish, and giving them an IQ test.

The children who ate fish once a week had IQ scores almost five points higher than those who didn't.

But that's not all.

The study also found the extra servings of seafood may have also contributed to less disturbances while sleeping and better overall quality.

Previous research suggests the fatty acids in fish could lower cholesterol and the risk of heart disease.

Now experts warn not to overdo it -

Seafood contains mercury and too much could lead to mercury poisoning - causing anxiety, irritability and even memory issues.

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