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Area Office on Aging suggests extra ways you can help this time of year


With temperatures like the ones we have now, it's important to remember people of all ages who need help. That includes the elderly.

The Area Office on Aging has an easy way to remember how. They call them the 4 A's:

  • Ask, if those you know need any help.
  • Assistance, contact the Area Office on Aging.
  • At home, remind them not to leave the house unless they absolutely have to.
  •  Alternative, is there someplace warm they can go like a mall or a senior center if they need to?

Justin Moor, the Vice President of Planning and Program Development for the Area Office on Aging has many suggestions on how to help.

"We've found that the best way to volunteer is they can either contact our agency and we can plug them in with a volunteer opportunity," said Moor. "But so many, I'm sure, have friends or family members in their lives and they can just reach out to and ask if they can assist in some way."

The Area Office on Aging is also accepting monetary donations. They would love to be able to do more to help out folks in need this time of year, like paying for snow removal or furnace repair.

Where they really need your help the most is to check on your own neighbors, friends and family.

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