Village of Walbridge to use EPA grant to clean Cedar Creek

Village of Walbridge to use EPA grant to clean Cedar Creek

WOODVILLE, OH (WTOL) - A Wood County village will be cleaning up their waterway with help from an EPA gr ant.

Last Summer, crews from the village of Walbridge walked the length of Cedar Creek that runs through their village and found multiple logs down and some full blockages. Along with some flooding concerns, these blockages were prime real estate for mosquito breeding.

That's why the village applied for and received a $20,000 gr ant from the Ohio EPA's Mosquito Control program.

Some of the money went towards mosquito spraying, but 418,000 was set aside to remove the natural dams and logs this winter. The project has to wait until winter so the frozen ground could support the heavy excavation equipment.

Mayor Ed Kolanko said being able to receive state gr ants is a big help in allowing smaller communities make sure they can do their part in keeping the Lake Erie watershed healthy.

"And this is one of the things that will help clean that up and actually promote that water flow through. And if that water is flowing, it allows our village to drain out into those waterways as well as reduce those breeding grounds for mosquitoes, " said Kolanko.

The Cedar Creek cleanup project has already been contracted out, and is expected to begin sometime in late January.

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