Protect your body, mind in single-digit weather

Protect your body, mind in single-digit weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Stepping outside can be hazardous to your health with temperatures this low.

The cold poses risks to not only your body, but also your brain.

Health officials say the biggest concern with single-digit weather is cold exposure.

Frostbite can affect your fingers and face, with the cold also potentially affecting your mind.

"When you get really, really cold, you don't realize what's going on and you start to not think so clearly. When that starts to happen, you don't really think that you need to get in or get warm. You can actually pass out. Once that happens, the cold is going to set in pretty quickly, and you're going to be in trouble," said Dale Russell, a physician's assistant.

Health officials say to bundle up, take breaks inside and drink plenty of warm fluids if you have to be outside in freezing weather.

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