Holiday travelers head home in frigid weather

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - People are making their way home from the holidays and traveling through many different types of weather.

Santa Claus already made his trip for the season, now it's time for travelers to finish theirs. Tuesday was the day many chose to hit the roads and head home. Whether drivers are traveling near or far, a trip through Southeast Ohio and/or Central Michigan can be dangerous this time of year.

Some of those making a pit stop at the Blue Heron Rest Stop on the Ohio Turnpike explained how their trips were going so far.

"The roads are pretty good. It's a little bad west of South Bend. A few cars in the ditch but after that it was nice, so I think just the lake effects snow over there, but, smooth sailing since we've been in Ohio," said Kent Oberle. He and his wife were headed from Wisconsin to Northern Virginia the day after Christmas.

Ariel Dimonte stopped to grab a bite to eat with his daughter before they got back on their way to Maryland.

"We were lucky because the storm came yesterday, not today, so we waited until today to go back. The roads will be all nice and clean," said Dimonte.

Fortunately, the roads are mostly clear and winds have died down as of Tuesday evening. Even though it's, as long as you and your vehicle are prepared, troubles with your trip should be minimal.

"We had a wonderful time. I got all kinds of nice presents and everything. It was just nice being with the family. It was good. It was good. But, the weather coming over to Illinois on Christmas Eve, terrible. It was terrible, but it's much better today," explained Kay Williams Sandu. Sandu and her husband were coming from a well celebrated Christmas holiday with their family in Illinois.

Regardless of whether the roads look clear or not, try to take it easy on the roads.

Remember, as it gets dark, melted snow on the roadways creates invisible black ice

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