Village of Woodville ready to open ice rink

Village of Woodville ready to open ice rink

WOODVILLE, OH (WTOL) - The cold weather this week actually has people in Woodville excited.

For the third year, on the old tennis courts at Trail Marker Park, volunteers have built an outdoor ice skating rink in Woodville. Flanked by boards of financial sponsors, the 50 by 100 foot rink cost about $500 to install.

And inside the neighboring heated shelter house, visitors will be able to give donations that will go toward food and beverages.

Mayor Rich Harman said the ice rink has been popular in the last two years, but only within the short window the recent mild winters have allowed.

This year, the freezing temperatures since the rink was built last Saturday means the ice should be skater ready for a while.

"When it is open, we have quite a few people skating. And unfortunately, like I said the past two years have been absolutely brutal for us because the weather has been too mild," explained Harman.

And with this weeks forecast predicted to be below freezing temperature, the folks in Woodville expect the ice rink to be hardened enough overnight Tuesday to be able to skate on Wednesday.

Daily updates on the condition of the ice rink, can be found here.

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