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China lab designs puppies with genetic disorders to find cure for human diseases

(Source: CNN) (Source: CNN)

A lab in China is hoping to use puppies to find a cure to save human lives. Their methods, however, are quite controversial. 

According to CNN, the puppies are genetically identical, and genetically designed with medical disorders. It is likely the dogs will become sick and die at a young age, as they were cloned only for medical research. 

Scientists say that dogs have almost as many inheritable diseases as humans, making them the best disease model to study, CNN reports. 

One such disease is atherosclerosis, a disease that can lead to heart attack and stroke. Some of the puppies were designed to have this disease as a way for researchers to learn about and study the illness. 

Scientists hope one day they can do more cloning of puppies to research other illness, like heart disease, according to CNN. 

The dogs will live their lives as test subjects in cages, as China has no animal cruelty laws. According to CNN, Chi Szuching of PETA says computer modeling and using human tissue samples can be just as effective, and puppy cloning is unnecessary. 

However, researchers believe their work is worth it to save human lives in the future.

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