Ohio's capital city facing near record-high homicide rate

Ohio's capital city facing near record-high homicide rate

Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) - The police chief of Ohio's capital and biggest city is calling for both peace and action as Columbus faces a near-record high number of homicides.

Police have tallied 138 killings this year, just shy of the record of 139 in 1991. One victim died from injuries from a 2014 shooting.

Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs says police alone can't solve the problem and community involvement is necessary to bring the numbers down.

Jacobs attributes the increase to more illegal guns on the street, the impact of the opioid epidemic, more shots being fired during crimes and people turning to guns to solve arguments instead of less lethal means.

Community activist Kwodwo Ababio (koh-joh ah-BAHB'-ee-oh) says too many young people don't understand the risk posed by guns.

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