Christmas Eve shoppers find a pleasant shopping experience

Christmas Eve shoppers find a pleasant shopping experience

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - There were still plenty of folks out Sunday finishing up their shopping errands.

With the winter weather in full swing, the parking lot was a little tough to navigate out there, but that was really the worst part.

It was relatively calm inside the Meijer store. Most folks there were done buying the necessities and were just out picking up extras like stocking stuffers, or toys for the snow now that we're going to have a white Christmas.

Cheryl Hunter, snow enthusiast, thought she was done shopping, but was out getting more outdoor goodies for her family to play with this week.

She compared the view outside to the inside of a shaken up snow globe. Hunter and her family couldn't be more excited about the weather.

"This is the last stop, or so, I say. I mean, you never really know until Christmas morning is here if it is really your last stop, but I think it's my last stop," said Cheryl.

Apparently if you hedged your bets on Christmas Eve not being too crazy of a shopping day, you were right.

Hopefully if that is the case, you're all set by now.

Nick Self, self-proclaimed Christmas elf said, "All the presents are bought and wrapped, just picking up a few little things for Christmas festivities tomorrow. Santa needs his helpers so, gotta go out and help him."

For anything else it may now have to wait until Tuesday.

Keep in mind, if there's someone you forgot, you can always order gift cards online for direct delivery on Christmas Day.

That way, the worry and stress doesn't disrupt your traditions.

If more shopping is in your future for festivities later in the week, Meijer says they've still got plenty of gift-worthy ideas.

Dana Thompson, Store Director for the Oregon Meyer said, "All the toys are popular. All the games, the nerf stuff is very, very popular. We have a lot of that. anything you can want, we still have."

Don't forget, this week is full of First Alert weather days, so if there is a break in the weather, you may want to take the opportunity to get out and get groceries.

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