Food for Thought delivers to homeless for 560th consecutive week this Christmas

Food for Thought delivers to homeless for 560th consecutive week this Christmas

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Some of our own neighbors here in Toledo will spend the holiday outside and possibly without food.

But thanks to a handful of volunteers and the organization food for thought, they can expect a handmade meal Saturday, hand delivered just like they've done for the past 560 weeks.

While some spend the last weekday before Christmas baking, shopping or running errands others spent it serving our community.

"We feel like Christmas is about serving other people, helping other people so that's why we decided to come as a family," said Ying Ng, who brought her family and friends to volunteer together.

"Because we get to help people," said Isabella Irwin, 9, who volunteered with her 6-year-old sister Lilliana and their aunt.

Together close to 30 volunteers made 250 packed lunches that Food for Thought will hand out in Downtown Toledo on Saturday.

"PB&J for us is much more than just a simple bagged lunch,"said Jill Bunge, executive director of Food for Thought. "It's really about using food as a vehicle to build relationships, have a conversation with people who might not have that opportunity all the time."

Volunteers spread peanut butter and jelly for sandwiches, and then added a salty and sweet treat. Some volunteers have really mastered the ratio of PB to J. We asked them what the secret was.

"I put peanut butter on the whole piece of bread," explained Daniel Carter, a long-time volunteer.

For 10 years, Food for Thought has been providing meals to those who aren't sure where their next meal will come from.

Rain or shine, cold or hot, Christmas or not they go out and serve.

This week marks 560 consecutive weeks.

Dedicated volunteers say it makes a big difference, not only to those they serve, but those who choose to serve too.

"We get a joy out of doing this each week," said Dennis Porter, a long-time volunteer. "Just to see it on Saturday morning where you pass out a lunch and somebody and they say thank you and God bless you it's just a joy that we get from it. It keeps us coming back."

In just an hour volunteers spread joy and cheer this season by making a simple meal to share and they encourage you to come out next time.

"Well it's pretty fun," said Casey Ng, who served along her family and friends.

If you want to help next time organizers say they pack lunches every Friday night from 6 to 7 p.m. at Trinity Episcopal Church (316 Adams St. in Downtown Toledo).

If you prefer to help hand out the meals to those in need on Saturdays you can meet Food for Thought at their office at Trinity Episcopal Church. They have two routes that will distribute lunches at the different bus stops downtown at both 9:45 and 11 a.m.

If you want to know more about Food for Thought or learn how you can volunteer, donate or more visit their website or Facebook.

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