Money Talks News: How to make people like you

(Money Talks News) - Imagine a world where everyone likes you.

The opposite sex, the boss, the salesperson who could give you a better deal.

It would make life easier, right?

Human beings are social creatures. Which means the more people like you, the better off you are.

From getting a raise to negotiating a deal, it pays to be likable. Literally.

So how can we make people instantly like us?

There are a lot of simple things you can do.

Body language

  • Some experts say not to smile the instant you meet someone. Look the person in the eye first, just for an instant, then smile. That shows you're not just smiling, but reacting to them personally.
  • Keep your eyes glued to person who's talking to you. It shows them they're important.
  • When you meet someone, pretend they're an old friend you haven't seen for ages.Treat every stranger that way and they won't be a stranger for long.
  • Remember when your mother told you to sit and stand up straight? She knew what she was talking about. Good posture shows confidence.
  • And when you talking to someone or listening to them, do not fidget.
  • And especially don't put your hands near your face, because that shows boredom.Verbal communication

Verbal communication

  • Actually listen, don’t just pretend to listen.
  • Use the person’s name as much as possible. It makes them feel important.
  • Flattery. Cheap trick? Sure, but it works.
  • Paraphrasing and repeating back what people say.

Practice these tips, and you're going to find that everything from getting a deal to getting a raise is a lot easier.

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