Rocket football team tours USS Alabama ahead of Dollar General Bowl

Rocket football team tours USS Alabama ahead of Dollar General Bowl

MOBILE, AL (WTOL) - After a morning walk-through in preparation for Saturday's Dollar General Bowl game on Thursday, the second full day in Mobile saw the Toledo Rockets take a tour of the USS Alabama.

The USS Alabama was a battleship used in World War II, commissioned from 1942-1947, and since 1964 the ship has called Mobile Bay home.

While it's an exciting day for the ones who haven't been on the tour before, for the players that were here a few years ago, there was still plenty to see.

"A few years back, I came here before and I didn't get a chance to see this, I didn't come to the part of the ship," said Ja'Wuan Woodley, Toledo senior linebacker. "We went to the basement, I didn't even know they had a basement, and we just seen more stuff that we didn't see last time. So it was just an all out fun experience. The structure of everything, of how this was built in 1940-something, and just everything looks brand new, so I like it."

The history, structure and function of the warship left some players awestruck.

"It's an unbelievable experience," said Trevon Mathis, Toledo senior cornerback. "See these guns right here? It's crazy just being out here, just learning a little bit of history on the military, seeing the weapons they used and how they slept on their little beds. It's unbelievable, I don't know how those guys did it, but it's pretty amazing."

The biggest surprise for Mathis?

"Like I said, the bedding, I mean them things is hard," Mathis said. "I thought the dorm beds were pretty hard, but these joints, they wild."

For the seniors, this was a terrific way to top off their last time together before putting on the midnight blue and gold for the final time.

"It's real good because I'm a senior and the rest of the seniors we get this last time together," Woodley said. "So we just take advantage of it and have the most time and most fun together."

The Rockets take on Appalachian State on Saturday at 7 p.m.

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