BG homeowner opens fire on two men allegedly breaking into his house

BG homeowner opens fire on two men allegedly breaking into his house

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WTOL) - One man is recovering at a local hospital after being shot three times for allegedly breaking into a home on Liberty Street in Bowling Green overnight.

Wood County Police said a homeowner opened fire on two men, shooting one of them once in the lower back and twice in the arm.

"We went to the residence, found the homeowner to be there, searched the area and found one of the people that purportedly had broken into the house about a block and a half away from the residence. He was bleeding. He was transported by ambulance to a Toledo hospital," said Lt. Bradley Biller with the Bowling Green Police.

Neighbors say they didn't hear anything at the time of the shooting and were surprised by the police activity because incidents like this are rare in the neighborhood.

The other man is still on the run.

Police are expecting to press charges.

According to police, there is a state code which gives a person the right to act in self defense by using defensive force called the Ohio Castle Doctrine.

It's meant to protect homeowners from being threatened inside their homes and or a vehicle.

But police say it gets tricky when there are multiple sides involved and very few facts known.

"If they don't have a legal right to be in the residence, if they break into the residence, specifically if you're in fear of your life being taken you can use defensive force to protect yourself," said Lt. Biller

Police say it is too early to tell whether or not that defensive force right applies in this situation.

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