Toledoans show up big for final night at Bretz Nightclub

Toledoans show up big for final night at Bretz Nightclub

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It's been a staple in the LGBT community for 30 years, but Thursday night  they're celebrating their last night together.

Bretz Nightclub on Adams Street flipped on their neon sign for the last time at 10:00 pm. Several waited in line to enjoy one more Dollar Drink Night at Bretz before new owners take over.

A handful of customers say Thursday night is about celebrating the history of the LGBT bar, but it's a sad day.

Bretz announced on Facebook Wednesday the business was sold to new owners who take over Friday. Their post on Facebook getting close to a thousand shares and more than 500 comments.

So many were shocked by this news, including employees we spoke with. Several say the announcement was disheartening and it flooded them with memories from the LGBT bar.

Some say they met their spouses at Bretz and others that this was one of the first places they felt comfortable being themselves.

"It's heartbreaking it really is to know that something that has been around for so long, it's that saying you get you don't know what you got til it's gone," said Casey Clark, a DJ at Bretz. "And it's the regret and remorse and the multitude of other feelings that you get."

"It's just like a community we just really enjoyed it as students [at the University of Toledo] and just want to support it on its last night," said Justin Veigel, a Bretz customer.

"You kind of got to say goodbye to the space and like what it meant for us and other LGBT folks," added Danielle Stamper, a Bretz customer.

Customers here are loyal some coming since it opened 30 years ago.

Employees of the club say they know little about the new owners or the future of the nightclub, but are hopeful Thursday people who loved this place can find some closure.

Thursday's at Bretz are known as "Dollar Drink Night" so customers say while they are sad to see what is known as Bretz today go, they are glad to see it go out on a traditional fun night known for bringing the good times.

Customers are hopeful the new owners bring something special to the place that meant so much to so many throughout the past thirty years.

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