FIRST ALERT: Travel Weather for the Holiday Weekend

FIRST ALERT: Travel Weather for the Holiday Weekend

Travel weather early this weekend is looking good.

A more wintry setting can be expected for the Christmas week.

Areas of light rain will be likely early in the morning.

A chance of light rain will continue through the afternoon.

While it will not be all that warm, temperatures should be above freezing.

Icing is NOT likely even for early morning travelers / commuters.

The next storm system Saturday will track along and south of the Ohio river.

This means most likely the chance of rain and snow will brush past northwest Ohio.

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FIRST ALERT Days are up for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

It will be very cold with the chance of a snowstorm especially Tuesday/Wednesday.

Very cold weather is likely to stick around through the new year.

Happy Holidays to you and yours!  Robert Shiels WTOL