Last minute Christmas shoppers take to stores the in droves

Last minute Christmas shoppers take to stores the in droves

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - With Christmas just days away, most people should have most of their Christmas purchases made by now. But that is simply not a reality.

At Levis Commons in Perrysburg, hundreds of people flooded the area to get in those last-minute gifts.

"This is obviously the Super Bowl for the shopping center world," Marketing Director Allison Schroeder said.

While some are simply procrastinators, some actually enjoy the last-minute rush.

"I'm not a Black Friday shopper, but I do like to come maybe towards the end of, right by Christmas and listen to the music and just try to get more into the Christmas spirit," shopper Veronica Sutton said.

Owner of Lily's at Levis Judy Church says Christmas time at her store is always special.

"We've been so busy, so very busy, the busiest of the year," Church said. "A lady came and bought every ornament off the tree the other day, and we had to hurry up and just put some more ornaments up on it."

For some, the most special gift does not take any running around or last minute craze. For Evie Bear, that special gift is love.

"I think Americans get too wrapped up into having to buy this or having to buy that for somebody," Bear said. "I think being in the moment and being in the now is the most important thing."

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