A Letter to Santa that truly creates magic

A Letter to Santa that truly creates magic

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - On Christmas, a kid typically wishes for a toy car, action figure or money in his piggy bank.

But for 7-year-old Jonah Sweetser, his wish was to get rid of his nightmares, worries and fears.

Jonah's parents, Ben and Michelle Sweetser, said his bad dreams all started when he watched the movie 'Goosebumps' around Halloween last year and he struggled to shake them.

"It started at daycare. He had seen the movie 'Goosebumps' and he came back all excited about this movie he had seen at daycare. He was talking all about it non-stop after he got home from seeing it. 'What a cool movie!' What a cool movie,'" explained Ben. "And then that night after dinner and after being so excited about it, he was like, 'I'm really scared, and I just can't fall asleep' and it would happen every night after that."

Jonah had these bad dreams for two solid months until Santa and his elves sprinkled a little magic into his life.

The Sweetser's had gone to drop off a letter to Santa at Levis Commons in Perrysburg, not far from where they live.

After seeing his note, Santa and his elves sent Jonah a letter back to help him.

"It just seemed like this little boy was going through a tough time and we've all experienced that one time or another in our life and wanted to try to help him get through that time," said Allison Schroeder, marketing director at Levis Commons. "Our elf made him a special magic card that he could carry with him when he was having a particularly hard day and it said on it that as long as you have this card Santa's magic was going to help you get rid of those troubles and worries that you've been having."

His card, along with the dream catcher gift he got on Christmas, helped Jonah forget his worries and fears and even helped him get rid of his nightmares.

"With that letter I just forget my worries," Jonah said.

His parents call it a Christmas miracle and are happy that their little boy wants those typical things for Christmas this year.

"A hose, a small size. Some Lego sets and to ride on the polar express," he said is all he wants.

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