Former daycare worker arrested for allegedly possessing thousands of child pornography files

Former daycare worker arrested for allegedly possessing thousands of child pornography files

SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - A Sylvania man may face a slew of child pornography charges after authorities found thousands of graphic files on his computer.

According to Assistant US Attorney Tracey Ballard Tangeman, 26-year-old Mark Koltz had almost 27,000 photos of child pornography and more than a thousand videos depicting the rape of infants and prepubescent teens on 10 electronic devices.

Federal authorities arrested Koltz on December 11.

Tangeman says the 10th Amendment and the Commerce Clause in the Constitution allowed federal agents assist Sylvania Police in this crime against children because the Internet crosses state lines and child pornography is bought, sold and traded.

"These children, these minors are being victimized worldwide now," said Tangeman. "There images are being traded the ways others might trade commodities or things of value. They're treated as things of value by those who want those images and by those who make those images available to others."

Tangeman said in this case Koltz posted bond and the Federal Court has 30 days from the arrest date to make the Grand Jury indictment pressing charges.

Koltz also previously worked at First Apostolic Church of Toledo's daycare, Son-Shine Educational Center, starting in March 2015 but he later left that job December 30th, 2016.

According to Senior Pastor Chris Dillingham, Koltz left his employment at the daycare to pursue another job.

Dillingham said they do background checks on all of their staff, and nothing was flagged in Koltz hire.

He said it's been devastating news to hear, and at this point none of the known allegations are related to his employment or his connection to the church.

During his employment, there were never any accusations or allegations made of Koltz.

Dillingham concludes with they'll remain open and transparent during this process.

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