Lucas County Jail making changes following inmate's death

Lucas County Jail making changes following inmate's death

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Last month, Lucas County Jail authorities say Lisa McCray hung herself in her jail cell.

In response to McCray's death, the Lucas County Jail is making changes to prevent other suicides.

Lisa McCray was arrested November 25 at the Hollywood Casino for disorderly conduct. Jail staff booked her around midnight on a misdemeanor charge.

After she was screened, she was not determined to be a suicide risk.

"We checked her every 30 minutes," Sheriff John Tharp said. "And we have that on film that we checked her every 30 minutes and she was safe. She was okay."

An officer checked on her just before 3:30 a.m. They found her unresponsive at 4 a.m. after apparently committing suicide by hanging herself with a phone cord.

"And it is a very tragic situation," Sheriff Tharp said. "So what we've done is there was a phone in the room. And that phone has been removed. "

So far an investigation has turned up no wrongdoing by jail staff. But the Sheriff says he wants to do what they can to make the jail safer.

"We did this on our own. We just feel that this is a safeguard that we need to do, and we have done," Sheriff Tharp said.

Officers placed McCray in a holding cell in an area that was around the corner and not in direct line of sight of officers.

"That facility, that area will be used, the jail is too small," Sheriff Tharp said. "And the number of people we have coming in and out we will have to use that area."

But now, officers will check that area is being checked on much more frequently.

"So what we will do if anyone is placed back in that particular area, we will bring somebody down from the correction facility," Sheriff Tharp said. "And we will have a 10 minute watch, every 10 minutes we will do a check on the person or persons in the room."

Sheriff Tharp says they reviewed all the surveillance tapes from that night and that the officers did everything they were supposed to do.

The investigation remains open, and the cause of death is not determined, pending toxicology results.

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