Sandusky County receives $1.55 million for home renovation program

Sandusky County receives $1.55 million for home renovation program

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - If you've had to make a choice between home repairs or medical bills, a program in Sandusky County can help.

For 36 years, the County Housing Impact and Preservation program, or CHIP, has helped low income homeowners in Sandusky County repair broken or dilapidated systems in their homes.

This year, the program received $1.55 million from the Ohio Housing Trust Fund.

WSOS in Fremont administers the program. They weight household size to the household gross income, and funds from $10,000 to $30,000 for repairs.

Any system, from a new roof and electrical work to furnaces and water heaters can receive assistance to help people out who may be stuck with a tough financial situation otherwise.

"They have to choose between if not medical prescriptions or medical care against fixing their roof or furnace," Terry Jacobs, Director of Housing and Energy for WSOS said. "And so this is a great program to help not have to make those decisions, you know."

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