Jeep Fest to return to downtown Toledo in 2018

Jeep Fest to return to downtown Toledo in 2018

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Jeep Fest is returning to downtown Toledo in August of 2018.

Registration officially opened in Tuesday and is scheduled for the weekend of August 10.

Jeep Fest began in 2016 but took a year off in 2017 to allow time for downtown's continued expansion. The extra year also allowed planners to turn Jeep Fest into a two-and-a-half day weekend.

"Our target number for this year is 2,000 or more," said Jerry Huber, chairman of Jeep Fest committee.

The Jeep Fest committee and local supports from all aspects of Toledo hope to fill downtown with all things Jeep.

"[In 2016,] We didn't have access to the Summit Street side and Promenade Park wasn't finished yet. Hensville wasn't operational," Huber said. "So now we're able to shift our footprint."

Shifting the footprint to include a concert at Promenade Park, longer parade, more venders and a four-mile race on Sunday morning.

"When people stay overnight, it more than doubles the impact and we're talking about a triple whammy here since it's going to be two and a half days," said Lucas County Commissioner Carol Contrada. "So it really has a significant economic impact potential for the region."

"Toledo is the home of the Jeep," said Jeff Cole, spokesman for Dana Holding Company. "It's where it was born. It's where John North Willis launched Toledo's Automotive heritage more than a century ago. And the pride of Toledoans and the Jeep is something you just don't get everywhere else in the world."

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