University of Toledo introduces new initiative to keep the cost of education down

University of Toledo introduces new initiative to keep the cost of education down

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - When considering which college to attend, how much tuition will cost is a definite factor for both students and parents.

University of Toledo trustees voted in favor of a Toledo Tuition Guarantee plan.

Starting this fall, new students will be able to pay the same undergraduate tuition from their first day of college through graduation, as long as they finish within the traditional four consecutive years.

Christina Martin's daughter is a high school senior who is still trying to decide which college she wants to go to next year.

Martin is a UT employee, but does not get a discount for her family members to attend the school. She plans to help her daughter with some of the financial burden and this new program may be enough of an incentive to keep their family geographically close.

"Probably one of the students' biggest problems is being able to afford schooling for the four years," Martin said. "So I believe that having a set rate would definitely help students. It would probably bring in a lot more students as well."

The University of Toledo is joining 10 other public universities in Ohio, including nearby Bowling Green State University, in adopting similar practices.

Undergraduate students are guaranteed a fixed rate on in-state tuition, on-campus housing, meal plans and mandatory fees for four consecutive years.

Transfer students are also eligible for the tuition freeze as long as they are new UT students. It does not matter how many credits transfer students have already accrued, they still will receive four years of eligibility for this program.

The tuition guarantee does not impact students who are already enrolled at UT.

"While we do expect a tuition increase for students who begin this cohort this fall, it's important to remember that UT hasn't raised tuition for a number of years," Interim Vice President of Enrollment Management Stephanie Sanders said. "So, this is really just a continuation of our focus on being affordable for our students."

Students who finish their undergraduate degree within the guarantee period are also going to be eligible for a new $500 scholarship toward a UT graduate program as long as they enroll within 3 semesters after finishing their undergraduate education.

Those who need more time to finish will pay the tuition rate of a current senior, not an incoming freshman for their extra time.

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