Sandusky County Sheriff budget boosted with help from Clerk of Courts office

Sandusky County Sheriff budget boosted with help from Clerk of Courts office

SANDUSKY COUNTY, OH (WTOL) - Deputies at the Sandusky County Sheriff's office received new tools to add to their arsenal to fight crime.

Sandusky County Sheriff Chris Hilton says his department's budget is the first to receive cuts since his department is the largest in the county.

Sheriff Hilton requested $100,000 this year, knowing there was a high probability of it being turned down. Then the County Clerk of Courts, Tracy Overmyer, offered to give his department $514,000 from the county's title funds.

With the funds approved by county commissioner, Sheriff Hilton plans to purchase six new cruisers, 25 body cameras, portable radios, a new traffic enforcement laser, and hire a 17th road deputy.

The gift also opens up the initial requested $100,000 to be used elsewhere in the county general fund.

Hilton says this inter-department cooperation is needed to keep the county progressing in an era of budget cuts.

"And I think it's been something that's been lacking in our county for quite some time, that cooperation among offices. You help me, it will help the general fund," Sheriff Hilton said. "Everyone needs to work together. It's what we're elected to do. We're elected to serve the citizens of Sandusky County, and I think we're doing it as fiscally responsible and the best we can right now with this cooperation."

And Sheriff Hilton says hiring the new road deputy will return his staff to levels the department has not seen in a decade.

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