Marblehead State Route 2 off ramp could be closed until August

Marblehead State Route 2 off ramp could be closed until August

MARBLEHEAD, OH (WTOL) - Exit 125 on State Route 2 leading into Marblehead and Danbury remains closed after a landslide near the Edison Bridge.

The Ohio Department of Transportation says before simply fixing the section of the highway that collapsed, they also have to figure out what happened before fixing the problem.

ODOT says the ramp may not be reopened until August, but they have made progress.

Crews say they cleared out vegetation and mapped out the plane of the side. Now, ODOT is installing inclinometers to monitor the slope of the road while drilling begins.

The exit is already a headache for drivers coming into Danbury Township. Since the landslide, anyone living on the eastern end of the Marblehead Peninsula has to drive to Port Clinton and backtrack.

"With the holidays coming, it's an influence on a lot of company coming. But, especially during the summer months when it's big time travel, it's going to have a real impact on a lot of people." said Denise Leimbach, who recently retired and is currently moving to the Marblehead peninsula. "Yeah, it's a pain. So, I hope they can get on it and get it completed quickly."

The estimate of the ramp being shut down until August is just an early estimate.

ODOT still doesn't even know how long the construction process to fix this will take until their geophysical testing is complete. That process will likely take a few weeks.

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