Coping in the wake of possible break in Skelton brothers case

Coping in the wake of possible break in Skelton brothers case

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The recent news about a possible break in the Skelton case is a sensitive subject for the family and the Morenci community, but it could also be for those who might be internalizing the tragedy and aren't sure how to cope.

"I'm praying for the families, the communities, the boys," said Shay Bankston with Family Service of Northwest Ohio.

The news of a possible break in the Skelton case is evoking many emotions for those living in Morenci, with some refusing to talk about the issue.

"When something traumatic happens it affects everyone even if people don't necessarily recognize it," said Bankston.

Police are still not sure whether the human remains found in Montana are those of the three Skelton brothers from Morenci who went missing in 2010, and the community is left with many questions.

"It's really important for people to recognize if they are dealing with any issues related to that trauma or that breakdown in a system and to seek out some help," said Bankston.

The boys' mother, Tayna Zuvers, talked to WTOL 11 multiple times since her sons went missing back in 2010.

"You have a hole, there is a big hole in your life," said Zuvers, in 2013.

"Many people do internalize it.. As a parent, any time something tragic happens to a child it hurts our hearts so again the first thing to recognize is the symptoms," said Bankston.

Zuvers put out a family statement on Facebook Thursday evening which said "We are processing it and hopeful that we will have answers soon. We are thankful for all your thoughts and prayers."

"We'll just all wait and see and whatever the repercussion is as far as how it affects the community or the families," said Bankston.

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