Morenci community conflicted about possible break in Skelton case

Morenci community conflicted about possible break in Skelton case

MORENCI, MI (WTOL) - Buried beneath a light layer of snow in small town of Morenci is a plaque honoring three boys: Andrew, Alexander, and Tanner. On the plaque are three words, one for each boy: Faith, hope and love.

The disappearance of the three Skelton boys continues to be a sensitive subject matter for those living in Morenci. Many refuse to talk about it, even with the news that there may be a break in the seven-year-old case.

Those that would talk say they are conflicted about the possibility of closure.

"I think you can still be hopeful because there is no evidence yet of what happened," Morenci resident Jeff Moore said. "And I think you can still be hopeful yet because they're so far away, and there's no path or any evidence leading to that theory that they're out there. So I still think that their local, hopefully alive."

Regardless of what their hope for the case is, the news of a possible break in the case brings up many emotions.

"We just don't know until they get these results back," Moore said. "Hopefully they're still alive somewhere, that's our hope and prayers. That maybe we can you know put a little closer to it as to what happened and what's going on and who they are number one."

As what is expected to be a long investigation continues, those in the tight-knit community of Morenci are left to wonder and hold on to a glimmer of hope that the boys may still be alive and safe.

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