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Behavior modification boot camp being held this weekend to help keep kids make good life-decisions

727 Oakwood in Toledo (Source: WTOL) 727 Oakwood in Toledo (Source: WTOL)

A lesson in life is being taught inside a house this weekend at 727 Oakwood Ave. in central Toledo.

Kids and their parents are coming for a behavior modification boot camp.

The drill instructor is Shawn Mahone from the group Young Men and Women for Change.

Mr. Mahone was raised in the house and has a degree in criminal justice.

It’s now cold, vacant and gutted — a past hangout for squatters, drug addicts and the homeless.

Mr. Mahone’s message: kids need to make the right choices and right decisions.

If not, they could end up living in an environment like the house — bound for the prison yard or even worse, the graveyard.

“We want our kids to understand the importance of education, not getting suspended in school and avoid incarceration that may affect their life," said Mr. Mahone.

This dose of reality is meant to make kids productive leaders for the future.

“It’s important for me to show kids if I can come out of the inner city and do something productive with my life the better their choices as well,” said Mahone.

The boot camp runs through Sunday.

Parents can enroll their kids by calling 567-277-5352.

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