Record high numbers of pet adoptions in 2017

Record high numbers of pet adoptions in 2017

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Are you considering adding a new family member for Hanukkah or Christmas? Well now may be the time to take a trip to the Toledo Area Humane Society.

The Toledo Area Humane Society hopes to set a record high number of adoptions this year by having over 4,000 cats and dogs adopted.

As of Wednesday, that number stands at 3,960. They had twelve animals on hold just for Thursday to be picked up, but they will not include them in that number until they actually go home.

Christopher Joseph picked up shepherd mix surprise named Caroline for his girlfriend.

"We just came in yesterday and we were able to look through what they had to offer," Joseph said. "And we were able to get a room to really interact with the puppy. And then we put a hold on her and then came in today. It was really easy."

Kerstyn Purkey, a local college student, was there to pick up her second kitten. The first she got on Friday the 13th. She named him Boo.

Her new kitten named Truman was only two months old when she met Purkey.

"I had pets at home. So they helped with like stress like throughout high school and once I got to college, I didn't have that. So I was like, I definitely need pets in the house," Purkey said.

Purkey says she loved the accessibility of the shelter and had already been by every day this week.

Lucas County Canine Care is also posting record numbers. They are just shy of 1,000 adoptions and say their goal is attainable. If they reach that goal, it will be their most adoptions in 20 years.

Stephen Heaven, President and CEO of the Toledo Area Humane Society, says he is proud to see animals finding homes sooner.

"It doesn't do them good to stay long at the shelter," Heaven said. "They get stressed and they can catch various upper respiratory diseases and that sort of thing. So just moving them through much quicker making it, you know, a much more pleasant environment for people to adopt. So we just keep them coming. We are very proud of reaching this goal."

The process has been streamlined due mostly to better technology that makes this process quicker than it was in the old days.

The shelter regularly gets truckloads of pups in from Mississippi and takes as many of them as they can each trip. Soon, they expect to start taking cats as well.

They also expect to keep these shipments coming for the foreseeable future.

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