Should you give a pet as a gift this holiday?

Should you give a pet as a gift this holiday?

MAUMEE, OH (WTOL) - Pets seem like a great holiday gift for someone you love. They share love and bring warmth inside someone's home.

But some may be concerned that the pet may be returned for whatever reason. However, the Humane Society says they do not see a spike in pet returns following the holidays.

"People rarely bring the animals back anytime of year. It's usually a good staffer interviewing the person adopting, and they have an inkling that the animal is wanted," Stephen Heaven of the Toledo Area Humane Society explained. "But, we've never seen a problem with it during the holidays, and studies have shown that it doesn't really impact the number of animals returned. It's no higher than normal."

The Humane Society does recommend those wishing to give a pet for Christmas bring the entire household over to familiarize themselves with the pet before bringing them home.

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