Police offer tips to keep your packages safe

Police offer tips to keep your packages safe

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Each year around the holiday, package thefts spike.

Toledo police say they get calls about it every year and thieves can strike about anywhere. Police say thieves work fast, following delivery trucks as they pull up on a house. They patiently wait for the time to snatch a package or two.

But there are steps you can take to ensure what is yours is not stolen from your front porch.

First, police recommend you have your package dropped off at work, grocery stores or retail stores.

You might also want to consider making arrangements with your neighbors so that they can be on the lookout for a delivery if you're not home. Police say asking your neighbors to keep watch is one of the best ways to prevent these type of crimes.

"If the neighbors are looking out for suspicious people, suspicious cars, they're calling the police when they see that happening," said Toledo police Captain Joe Heffernan. "Then we're more likely to catch these people when they're doing it and prevent these packages from getting stolen."

If you're sending packages to people, make sure to notify them so they can be on the lookout.

Police say delivery truck drivers such as Fed Ex or or UPS are trained to be aware of people that might be following them. They say generally these crimes do not take a lot of planning, so being extra careful and on the lookout is vital.

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